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This is the funniest thing I saw in a long time!

Hilarious! Ten times better than the original! Improvement in graphics and sound in every way! The lyrics were so unexpected, everything here just kicks ass. I laughed through the whole thing.

This is the best one yet.

This is the greatest Mario parody ever, and even a great Mario parody parody cartoon. I love all of your cartoons, Jerry Jackson. Although you are a very skilled writer, you are an even better animator, and I hope you become a professional animator for Disney soon.

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A little fun, extremely short, very disappointing.

This game had loads of potential. Engine wasn't very original, but fun and to the point. There should be more things like the shooting of the vent, because I thought that part was really cool, albeit simple, like most of the game. Most challenging and fun part was the elevator scene. If there will ever be a sequel, I look forward to it, especially if it will be longer and a lot more interactive and fun.

Also, a lot of people already asked you this, but what is it with the terrible ending? It brings no suspense too, you just examine the body and it just goes back to the menu. What a bummer. I thought it was some bug at first, but other people are experiencing too. Terrible way to end a game, you should've at least added dialogue... Oh well, hopefully it'll be explained in the next game.

Great, but got boring after a while.

This is a great game and I probably played it for an hour. The problem is that it just gets boring and doesn't have THAT much stuff in it to keep it fresh. However, I still congratulate you for the amazing action scripting and other very fun features! I hope the next version has some fresher material.

Very intelligent game!

Usually I don't like it when only logic is required for playing a game, but this is very well done! Right now I'm on level 10 and I still can't stop playing it. Nice work!

GameBalance responds:

Hey! Thanks!

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This is great.

Intro is hilarious.

Rickbass21 responds:

LOL! Thanks alot for the review! yeah i admit the "showtune" theme was pretty gay. but that was the whole point to this dumb song. But I'm glad you enjoyed it. lol.

I love it.

If you don't mind, I'm going to use this in a cartoon. I think this is really great. I also might use Winter Nights.

AligatorHead responds:

Yeah, sure go on and use it. I gotta uplaod some more of my music. Let me know when you submit the cartoon so i can watch it!


Very nice job, especially with the voice.

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